Our Projects

We are constantly coming up with new things to make and we're open to ideas as long as they are within our skill set!
Reclaimed wood comes from many different sources and some projects will be made from quality wood but are less likely to be reproduced in any great number. However projects made from pallet wood are most common because we have a bountiful supply of unwanted pallets!
We use any money we make to sustain our Shed which in turn supports the community in many ways, but we also just like making things too!



    Our most popular item to date.
    Made from reclaimed pallet wood, it's ideal for a large plant and makes a lovely feature for any garden.

  • Insect hotel

    Insect hotel

    Ecologically sound and an eye-catching design, this can be simply hooked to a fence or wall to be observed. Eventually it may attract birds, who quite like insects too!
    Made from pallet wood and various cane poles we happened to have.

  • Hedgehog hotel

    Hedgehog hotel

    Another hotel! Once concealed amongst bushes and covered with leaves and twigs a hedgehog would welcome this den to hybernate in over winter.
    Slightly better than a cardboard box for sure!
    Made from a limited supply of quality wood.

  • Bird box

    Bird box

    Made from pallet wood and pretty robust this classic bird box would keep the chicks safe and protected from the weather too.
    We have made a variety of bird boxes, even one without a lid on the right of this picture, that could be used as an indoor letter tray instead!